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If your life is anything like mine, I know there are only a few minutes before I lose your attention. Given your juggling act with things like relationships, work, children, physical health, mental health etc., you will very quickly decide if reading this is worth your precious time. My hope isn’t for you to just read about The Dolphin Way™ - it is much more than that. I hope to spark a conversation, found around the world by asking the question – have we 21st century humans forgotten what it means to live a balanced life of vitality and joy? Given that I spend a lot of my time prescribing basic things such as regular sleep and true social bonding (which is quite different from socializing), I tend to think so.

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Dr. Kang teaches techniques to master Dolphin Parenting™ and The Dolphin Way™ to audiences across the globe through her lectures, online webinars, private consultation and books. Dr. Kang combined over 10 years of clinical practice experience with cutting edge research to develop methods for individuals experiencing physical / mental health problems or just daily stress and low motivation. Given that fact that “lifestyle related” diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, anxiety, and addiction are on the rise, Dr Kang points to the “underwater versions of ourselves” to remind us what it means to live a healthy, happy, and successful human way of life.

Dr. Kang also offers consultation services through seminars, lectures, and workshops to empower lives and personal relationships using her trademarked CQ method. If IQ represents the logical left brain and EQ represents the emotional right brain, then CQ represents an integrated brain and stands for the 4 key 21st century traits of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking or Combination Quotient. Dr. Kang teaches CQ theory and practice to improve innovation and the psychological wellbeing of others.