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Dolphin KIDS™: Future-Ready Leaders

Innovation, Leadership, and Wellness.

We make success EASIER!

By utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods for innovation, social leadership, and wellness, DolphinKIDS teaches the top six critical life-skills that make lasting success E.A.S.I.E.R.

Emotional Wellness ‐ positive mastery of emotions such as anxiety, sadness, and anger

Adaptability ‐ adjust, pivot, and navigate unexpected situations and our ever-changing world

Social Leadership ‐ champion diverse modes of communication, collaboration, & public speaking

Innovation ‐ curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and generation of fresh and original ideas

Ethics ‐ strengthening character, identity, empathy, integrity, grit, work ethic, and contribution

Resiliency ‐ overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes, bouncing back with renewed strength


The DolphinPOD method consists of 3 unique experiences:

P = Play and exploration: teacher-facilitated play through uniquely curated stations of hands-on games, puzzles, gadgets, technology, art, drama, music, and body movement.

O= Others (social connection): communication and collaboration leadership training through break-out sessions, teamwork exercises, role play, and public speaking.

D = Downtime (stress management and wellness): attention/ focus training, mindfulness, and cultivation of positive mental habits such as grit, gratitude, and optimism.

Why do we need Dolphin Kids?

The world has changed, have you?

The 21st Century is the “Conceptual Era” ‐ those with the ability to execute original and enhanced concepts in diverse ways will have the edge. This era requires 3 specific competencies:

Innovation ‐ The school system emerged from the 19th century need to know the right answers. The technologically advanced modern world requires knowing how to ask the right questions. Future leaders must apply new and old knowledge uniquely and broadly, challenge conventional thinking, think critically, create, and innovate.

Leadership ‐ Globalization and the collaborative modern-day workplace requires future leaders to have exquisite skills in teamwork, cooperation, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Wellness ‐ stress, anxiety, mental health, and lifestyle related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes are on the rise. In order to thrive in our up-to-the-minute world; living a balanced, purposeful life with sophisticated coping skills will be key.

Through our research based methods, children will develop the key 21st century intelligence - CQ ‐ Consciousness Quotient. They will become more future-ready and better equipped to navigate the ever-changing waters of our fast-paced, ultracompetitive, globally diverse, and socially connected modern world.

“A New Dimension of Learning”

To register for Dolphin Kids™: Future-Ready Leaders Innovation, Leadership, and Wellness Program at Crofton House School, please go to

The DolphinPOD; a year round learning center utilizing the Play, Others Downtime Method of experiential teaching will open in India in 2017. Coming soon to Canada and the United States!

Dolphin Kids™ provides learning centers and curriculum for literacy development, tutoring, academic coaching, test preparation, one-on-one teaching and individualized educational assessments along with lectures and seminars in the fields of learning methods, academics, education, physical/mental fitness, and well-being for children and parents.