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Dr. Kang combines over 10 years of clinical practice experience with cutting edge research to develop methods for enhancing innovation, leadership, and wellness for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences.

Dr. Kang teaches techniques to master Dolphin Parenting™ and The Dolphin Way™ to audiences across the globe through her lectures, online webinars, private consultation and books. Her DolphinPOD™ camps, curriculum, and centers teach the young and old to be Future-Ready™ by cultivating the key 21st century skills.

Dr. Kang also offers educational consultation services through seminars, lectures, and workshops to empower lives and personal relationships using Consciousness Quotient- CQ method. If IQ represents the logical-analytical brain and EQ represents the social-emotional brain, then Consciousness Quotient-CQ represents an integrated-intuitive whole brain. Dr. Kang teaches Consciousness Quotient-CQ theory and practice to improve innovation and the psychological wellbeing of others.

Dr. Kang provides non urgent medical services in the form of consults for mental health, addiction, and motivation for chronic lifestyle related disease.

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